Wealth Management

Modern Asset Management LLC – A Registered Investment Advisor

Investment Advisor Representatives — Jan Paul Schmeits, CPA/PFS and Jordan Mueller, CPA

Modern Asset Management LLC is registered as a Registered Investment Advisor in Nebraska and Texas.


We utilize the Dimensional Funds Approach (DFA) to investing. This approach seeks to balance traditional active investment with passive index investing. The result is a wide variety of carefully selected funds that are purchased based on investor preferences. The approach does not seek to time the market or actively trade accounts. Once an allocation method is chosen, our approach maintains the allocation by rebalancing occasionally until the investor decides to reallocate.

Fiduciary Services

As a Registered Investment Advisor, we have a legal obligation to act in our clients best interest. This additional fiduciary obligation is not present in many traditional financial advisors. We do not receive any commissions for selling certain funds. We utilize the fee only approach to investing, so that there is no conflict of interest when selecting the appropriate funds for your portfolio.

Retirement Planning

Whether you are just starting out, or have an established retirement account, we would love to assist you in making sure your plans are on track. We provide a free Morningstar analysis to compare your current accounts with the results that could have been achieved utilizing the Dimensional Funds Approach.

Wealth Management

As all of our Investment Advisor Representatives are CPA’s, we can provide a complete financial experience by aligning your tax and wealth management goals. No more guessing as to what the impact of your investment account is on your tax situation!